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STAND BY is a play for digital meeting platforms and to be either live-streamed or recorded and played back as a streaming event. It was written to be a fundraiser for performers, directors, small and large theatre companies, and academic environments hungry for online resources for teaching and performing. During this crisis, there are no performance fees or royalties necessary. That statement is not meant to dissuade paying writers-ever, I simply have another very modest income for now and wish to help those that may not.

My legal team of August & Puckett, LLP (my dogs, the LLP stands for licks, love and (you guessed it) have requested the following rules to be enforced:

No additions to text or changes in order or verbiage should occur without the permission of the author. He may be emailed at for permission. If you’d like to add dance, poetry or other art forms, just please ask.

Doubling and tripling can occur, but the spirit of the play is to involve as many artists as possible and affordable, a community of theatre in the best sense of the term.

Please pay everyone if a professional production, hopefully even if not. This is meant to be a revenue stream for those in need. Exception: If very rich and talented performers (are you listening) wish to perform this play as a fundraiser for good causes arts or health care related please go right ahead.

When past all this Social Distancing, the play can still be performed on video or seated in chairs in spotlights to continue the fundraising for theatres and theatre companies as we get back on our feet.

Thank you in advance for any interest in the play and stay safe everyone.

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